Rebel Beat

by lil guillotine

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Lil Guillotine wants you to unleash the rebel inside with his new track “Rebel Beat.” The song contains fiercely worded lyrics with which you can rebel against the system with. Lil Guillotine shows his lyrical versatility on “Rebel Beat,” inspired by revolutionary anti capitalist struggles. The song stokes division between the ruled and the rulers.

While staying busy working dutifully in the movement for Black lives, the abolitionist movement and the movement against fascism, “Rebel Beat” is Lil Guillotine’s second track of 2021.


Bobbin your head to the sound of rebellious beats
momma dun said you could shout it or take to the streets
Mobbin instead on the palace and take the elites
Chopping the heads of the wealthy and then you repeat
bet I get it popping
betta get a coffin
Gonna catch a thumping
Got the pressure jumping

status quo is Flopping
To the core its rotten
Through the struggle blossom
guillotine them often

Coup de’etat is awesome
We don’t need no bosses
System got us nauseous
We just gonna toss it

And the world it watches
Do it for the paupers
eat the rich and take their coffers
need do this so rest don’t suffer
In a system where the victim is you and me, we prey
And a rich scum with a bathroom that probably could pay
for housing and feeding a state
We cannot be living this way

And to fix them we can switch them pursuing a, new way
Need a quick gun just to shift them they’re choosing not to sway
they will not yield they will stay
we gonna organize gang

gon equip them with the swift tounge undoing the, old ways
Gotta big gym read non fiction and question what they say
We gotta get on same page
We gonna funnel the rage

Got no dictum aint no big guns anyone here has a say
There’s a wisdom in decisions being on everyone’s plate
we do not fight we debate
together we fighting the state
Here I sit With rattled brain
I Been this way since Saturday
And remain In battle state
I think I mighta found my faith

making coppers meet their fate
We Organize against the state
And provide Mutual aid
We Go to target and we take

It’s cuz we appreciate
The property how it relates
to the cops and police state
And how they have their killing traits

why they targeting by race
We take the goods and then deface
eat the rich with demi glaze
We hit a lick and use aks


released January 29, 2021


all rights reserved



lil guillotine Madison, Wisconsin

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